Is maintenance law fair with men?

I came to know that some people feel maintenance law is fair because it allows both men and women are eligible for maintenance depending on their financial position. They are right only partially. Because, law is fair but how people interpret them go against men generally. And need not to say, our women organizations feels that maintenance is man’s duty, women need not to pay, because traditionally it is man’s duty to provide. But these same women organizations says that if some one feel cooking is women’s duty then they are sexists.

I have a discussion in Indian home makers blog regarding this. I am pasting my comments here …

there are many cases where women got alimony or maintenance even when she is earning enough. May be the maintenance law is bit fair and gender neutral in nature but still our society feels, it is the duty of man to protect and provide. So, generally men has to pay maintenance. And women organizations strongly believe this and vociferously supports it.

Some court rulings …

1. A man earning 2000 asked to pay 1200 INR (60% of his salary) as maintenance  The Irony is wife Nalini earning 9000 INR per month, four times more than her husband. Still, man has to pay the maintenance.

Husband to pay 60% of salary as maintenance

2. Wife doing job and earning 20,000 per month (She did MBA), still she got 40,000 per month as maintenance from her hubby who is of course an IITian, but seems lost job because of the legal mess created during divorce procedure. Ironically, they are married for 12 days only. And he has to face the dowry case also additionally. ( No doubt he lost his job and self confidence also).

Rs40 thousand per month: Woman gets whopping alimony

3. And In one ruling man ordered to pay maintenance even though he is jobless. If the husband is jobless then why he need to take care of his wife? Why don’t wife do the job and pay maintenance to him? or no maintenance at all from either of them. Judge said .. ” A husband has to take care of his wife somehow or other even if he is jobless “.

Husband should pay maintenance even if he is jobless: HC

Then where is the equality? Where are all those self respected women?

Actually the problem is everyone interpret the law differently. It’s depend on judge. Some favors it, some don’t favors it. The general perception of the society influencing everyone.

Let us come to some other laws regarding money. Look at 498A or DV.  By (Mis)using them, women can get lot of money as maintenance legally and illegally (extortion).

IrBM Clause (Irretrievable breakdown of marriage) which allows women to claim share in man’s property. Actually women organizations tried to grab the property of man not only he earned but also the ancestral property. But it seems that didn’t worked. But, wife definitely get a share in man’s property. The Irony is when property shared, only man’s property considered for sharing not women’s property. What about this? I must say, because maintenance law is bit fair these laws are enacted to grab man’s property. Some feminists even said, because women are not getting property share, they are misusing 498A. So, to stop that man must share his property. How ridiculous ..!! There is no difference between these women organizations and the men who claim rapes happening because of dress that victim wear.

Why IrBM should be rolled back

And there is one more law in the queue which allows to share man’s property equally, including ancestral property. But I don’t think so, they are going to consider women’s property for sharing. Where is that self respect now? Man is nothing but an ATM machine these day. He has to pay that’s all.

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  1. MAINTENANCE AND ALIMONY ARE WORSE THAN DOWRY. At lest Dowry was for the purpose of marriage. But Maintenance and Alimony are incentives for separation and divorce leading to family breakups.

  2. [Edited]
    Hi Cherylplumlee83 this is Masculist Ravi owner of this blog,

    Thanks for posting your views. I find that this comment is actually post in your blog. So, instead of keeping it as a comment, I am giving the link of that post. Hope you don’t mind..

    Hi viewers, you can find Cherylplumlee83 views here ..

    Masculist Ravi.

  3. Most people want to ‘pretend’ and ‘hope’ and name-call when they encounter eye-opening truth. Out of the 20 sites I posted it to, before then hosting it on my own profile, only you and 3 others posted it. The rest ignored it and 1 man-hater decided to tell me that I was, wait for it, ‘racist.’ You couldn’t make it up. She then invented a new profile to continue her “pretense,” which I scolded her about. in the post on her hastily faked profile she ‘pretended’ I probably couldn’t count as high as a number I was referring to and ‘hoped’ I’d choose to feel bad about her infantile ‘pretense.’

    The number she was referring to was the gargantuan number of ‘unreported’ male suicides, which I’d pointed out in the link above, which take place every night, from bridges alone. See any glaring oversight on her part?

    There’s ‘never’ any need to defend a woman, we can defend ourselves better than men can, due to the cloak of invisibility blind chivalry affords us, which we’re encouraged to use and abuse by every false idol, until the man we’re abusing becomes another unreported statistic, then we’re encouraged to move onto the next object and it’s all ok, unaware we’re destroying ‘ourselves’ and our children’s lives into ‘the bargain.’

    Since most women don’t have a moral conscience, we’ll soon ‘pretend’ that he was to blame, but soon the victory dies on-high and when we finally descend to a new low, wrapped in inescapable truth which a lie can ‘never’ become, the night comes creeping in and wraps around us, bringing tears with it, which we’ll never let-on about, but which terrifies us and haunts our hollow where a soul was destroyed, but what lies beneath stirs again within our weak grasp, wherein another bitterness brews, which must ‘pretend’ revenge is justified, against yet another object, who’ll go unreported.

    You must ‘count’ just how many corrupt people calling themselves feminists refuse to count, exhibiting their callous moral-imbecility, hell-bent on projective-identification, then bear in mind I’ve yet to meet 1 feminist who has ‘any’ respect for men and the men they respect the least and whom they’re least attracted to or influenced by are fellow ‘feminists.’ Simple fact,


  4. “Since most women don’t have a moral conscience”
    Wow, you mentioned some man-hater in your comment.. what would you call someone who makes a sweeping statement like this about ‘women’?

    “then bear in mind I’ve yet to meet 1 feminist who has ‘any’ respect”
    Really? Shocking. All the men in my life would disagree with you.

    From the post: “And need not to say, our women organizations feels that maintenance is man’s duty, women need not to pay, because traditionally it is man’s duty to provide.”
    Can you please quote which women’s organisation say that it’s the man’s duty to provide for the wife even if the woman earns enough? I would like to disagree with them but I haven’t come across them!

    I fully agree that both partner’s income and property should be considered in any divorce settlement. It’s only fair. I don’t know if the laws do this or not, the maintenance laws specifically says it does. It seems that your problem is not against the law but it’s faulty implementation.. I support protesting any law’s faulty implementation. However, I don’t think there’s any scope of rational discussion here if we’ve all made up our minds about half the world’s population having no moral conscience. In fact I don’t think anyone here is interested in hearing from actual women or actual feminists. It seems you’re all quite happy agreeing with each other about perceived lack of moral conscience in all women! 🙂

  5. @Carvaka,
    First, I think you already noticed that above comment is not mine (this blog owner). It’s comment of cherylplumlee83. In the first comment, I edited her comment and placed a link of her blog because the comment is too long and actually a post in her blog. I don’t endorse her views, but I respect her views and her right to have her opininion.

    I don’t said that all woman don’t have moral concience. There are many rational women. My problem is with women who are not rational and women acts as rational until the situation comes, for example, divorce. Right now I can’t give you the link of articles in which women organizations stated that. Because, I read it in a news paper, which gave some news about maintenance law sometime back. But, I can prove that there are many women organizations feels like that.

    Look at the IrBM clause, in that women can get divorce and share in the property of her husband, no matter she is working or not. That law clearly mentions that, women property should not be included when sharing of matrimonial property takes place. Almost all women organizations and NCW, WCD supported it and finally law passed. And there is another law which aim for 50% property share in all properties of man, including his ancestral property. In that also, there is no mention of women’s ancestral property (it may be an amendment, they are seeking in the IrBM clause).

    So, I can say there are many women who feel that men are nothing but ATM machines.

  6. We need a lot of work on maintenence laws , personally i feel anything a husband/wife earns/ acquires during the time they are married should be evenly split, and all inherited property should be left as is, he keeps whatever he inherited nad she keeps whatever she inherited.

    whatever they aquired/earned during the marriage irrespective of if the husband earns or wife earns or whatever needs to be evenly split. and in case one is a homemaker – whichever one, the other needs to be compensated for the time spent making the home fairly and for the number of years married. this needs ot be revisited on a regular basis.
    say suppose the wife gets maintainence and then gets qualified and a job then the maintenence should be adjusted. likewise the husband loses his job, the maintenence should be reduced. only what they had can be divided andthis is nothing new.
    we in india need to take a look around the world with our eyes wide open and see how other laws work this out, it’s not rocket science.. just simple math and a sense of fairness towards all citizens int he country.

  7. @MR,
    Thanks for expressing your opinion, I do agree many points you mentioned and of course, not all.

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