“Rape culture” – Our feminists are part of it

There is a good website on men rights. Actually, it’s platform to give a voice for men internationally – “A Voice for Men“, shortly know as AVfM. One MRA from India recently wrote an article on Mumbai gang rape (rape on a photo journalist). You can see the post here …

India’s sexually repressive society and gangrapes

This post is a comment I made on that post. Just for my blog readers I am pasting it here.

Many feminists in India talk about “Rape Culture”. But they forget that they are part of it.

In India, men are not recognized as victims of rape by women. Law for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace don’t recognize harassment on men, old law on rape don’t recognize boys/men as victims. These laws only recognize men as offenders. Only recent anti-rape law, popularly known as Nirbhaya Law, enacted in 2013 (after Delhi gang rape happened in 2012 Dec) recognizes men also as victims but treat only men as offenders.

As per Indian law and law makers women don’t rape. There are many incidents of molestation / rape of young boys by women in India but no law recognize them as rapists. The only way (perhaps) to punish such rapist women, may be, using the law meant to punish “Unnatural Sex”. When a man do rape it’s rape, when a women do rape, it’s just unnatural sex as per law. The rape / molestation/ harassment laws are patriarchal in nature in India.

If anyone asks about this, feminists do admit that women too rape young boys and women too harass men at workplace, men too stalked by women, but they quickly adds a suffix to cover the damage done by their confession … ” Those Incidents are very very rare”, so no need of separate law. When there is no law, no recognition for rape/ harassment/ molestation of men by women, then how do they know that such incidents are very very less?

Isn’t it rape culture, the very reason these feminists being a great critics of Indian culture and society? These feminists are just part of it.



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  1. […] “Rape culture” – Our feminists are part of it (ekalavyamra.wordpress.com) […]

  2. @Ekalavya

    Check this out, christian site claiming Chris Brown was raped for loosing his virginity …


    “Well, the black actor in that film, Romany Malco, said right there on the commentary that he’d “lost his virginity” at the age of 6. SIX YEARS OLD. And he didn’t even think it was odd at all. He said he “wanted” to do it and that he was ready to do it and had fun.

    But the way he just put it out there, like having “sex” at 6 years old was something normal, was just truly sad.

    Like I said, pretty much all of my black male friends had “sex” with grown women at around 10,11,12.

    They were all raped but they refuse to see it. SMH. And yes, they all have commitment issues. They see marriage as a punk move, have a baby mama or two, and pretty much screw anything that walks. And my friends are “good brothas”. You know, the college educated, gainfully employed type of black men.”

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