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Equality is everyone’s right. But what is equality? Equality doesn’t mean sameness. It’s equal concern. But this definition applicable only for woman. When it comes to men, it doesn’t applicable in these days. So, let us fight for equality, equal concern. You may get doubt about where to start? Or do we really need to fight? let me answer those questions. First type a word Feminist in WordPress or any text editor which have spell check. Then type Masculist. What it shows? It shows nothing when you type feminist, but is shows a red underline for Masculist. Why? the dictionary don’t find the word masculist. Why? let us start from here and take the issues to custody rights of fathers and don’t stop there, let us fight for equality in every possible aspect of our life.

Here in this web site, I will write about Men’s Rights. Do you wonder what men’s rights are? It’s so simple, they are nothing but human rights. Have a look at this article in wiki for more details.

Men’s Rights


Published on February 22, 2013 at 6:29 pm  Leave a Comment  

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