Male abortion and joint custody of children for egilitarian world..!!

When it comes to children, men have no rights. Men are considered as fathers only if they stay in relationship with mother of those children. If they divorce them their position downgrades to visitors. They will get visitation rights. Still they are fathers on records, but they can’t enjoy fatherhood. Even spending sometime with their children also become a rare task for them. That’s how our divorce laws treat men, yet men must spend all the money needed for child upbringing and maintenance of his ex-wife. That’s the irony of so-called egalitarian world.

Let us come to another concept called Male Abortion. Let us assume a scenario. A man and woman had sex, it may be extra-marital or marital with no intention of having kids. But due to some contraceptives failure or some other reason women got pregnancy. Now what? We have four situations here.

  1. Woman and man like to have baby. Then there is no problem. She can give birth to a baby and everything is fine.
  2. Woman and man don’t like to have baby. Then also no problem. She can abort that unwanted pregnancy and everything will be fine.
  3. Woman don’t want baby but man want baby. Here as per present standards in the world, men have to shut their mouth and pay the abortion bill. Because, it is her body. Her right. She can abort the child. Men don’t have anything to say other than “yes” to whatever she says. And it’s fair deal.
  4. Woman want a baby but man don’t want. Now the problem comes. As per present standards, she can give birth to the baby and man don’t have other option other than becoming father to unwanted baby. This kind of forced fatherhood is against men’s rights. Why a man don’t have a say in his fatherhood? If a women’s body is her right and she have a choice, why not a man have a choice in his fatherhood?

Here male abortion enters into picture. Male abortion is nothing but giving right to men of aborting forced fatherhood. If men are not interested in fatherhood then women have two choice.

  • She has to abort the baby. Man may be or may not pay for abortion. Or
  • She can give birth to the baby, but man is not father of that baby and he need not to take any responsibility towards that baby. They may be socially, economically or any other form. That baby will have only mother, no father.

This has some downside also. Some men may misuse it and try to escape from their responsibilities. But, misuse of the law or provision can’t be a reason for banning of such progressive provisions or laws, Isn’t it? our feminists, women orgs and intellectuals know this point better than us.

To get the egalitarian world where all are equal, men must get their rights. Men must get joint custody of the children in case of divorce and men must have a choice of male abortion in case of unwanted pregnancy of girl friend or wife.

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